Estate planning ensures that your wishes are followed before and after your death.

There are several ways to ensure your wealth and estate stay in your family after your death. Also, control how your money is passed to your chosen beneficiaries, business partners, shareholders, or directors.

Here at Dolphin Financial Limited, we will work out a Legacy plan that is tailored to you. We can also look at arranging a business succession plan for your business.

Business Lasting Power of Attorney

What would happen if you were unable to run your business due to incapacity?

Without decision-making, no one can act on the business’s behalf without a Business Lasting Power of Attorney being in place if you have lost capacity and not being able to make decisions for the business.

A Business Lasting Power of Attorney safeguards against any eventuality that would stop a business owner or director from running the business.

Here at Dolphin Financial Limited, we can help you.


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