As a business owner or director, the impact of not having the correct business protection in place could have disastrous consequences for the firm.

The main areas to look at are:-

Key Personal Insurance

This type of insurance can protect the business by protecting key members of staff, should they become ill or pass away.  It will not replace the loss of the Key Person in the business, but it could help financially.

Shareholder/Partnership Protection

If you are a director or a partner in a small business, could the business survive the death or incapacity of a shareholder, partner or director? By having this insurance in place, it ensures that the business has financial sustainability for the future.

After initially discussing your goals and needs we will look at your current arrangements, assess these, and then make recommendations to you. There are many factors that we will need to consider including the individual aims, needs, and arrangements of the directors. As Independent Financial Advisers we have a whole of market approach so that we can find the right solution for you.


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